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Modern and affordable dentistry in Kyiv


Services Price
Stage 1
Consultation Is free
panoramic shot 400 uah
VITAPLANT (Ukraine) 3725 uah (50% discount on the first 3 implants   instead of 7450 UAH)
Alpha-Bio Tec (Israel) 6330 uah (34% discount on the first 3 implants   instead of 9590 UAH)
SGS (Switzerland) 9035 uah (35% discount on the first 3 implants   instead of 13900 UAH)
In-Kone (France) 12290 uah (20% discount on the first 3 implants   instead of 15360 UAH)
Removal of a tooth 750 uah
Removal tooth extraction from 1500 to 4000 uah
Immediate implantation 2500 uah
Suturing 1100 uah
Anesthesia 1150 uah
Price per implant without discount
VITAPLANT (Ukraine) 7450 uah
Alpha-Bio Tec (Israel) 9590 uah
SGS (Switzerland) 13900 uah
In-Kone (France) 15360 uah
Stage 2
Inserting the Healing Abutment:
VITAPLANT (Ukraine) 900 uah
Alpha-Bio Tec (Israel) 1255 uah
SGS (Switzerland) 1600 uah
In-Kone (France) 2100 uah
VITAPLANT (Ukraine) 900 uah
Alpha-Bio Tec (Israel) 1810 uah
SGS (Switzerland) 1600 грн
In-Kone (France) 4000 uah
Metal-ceramic crown with support   on the implant 4100 uah
Dioxide implant crown   zirconium 10 000 uah
Abutment milling 505 uah
Taking impressions from 500 to 2000 uah
Cementing from 500 to 1500 uah
Individual spoon 700 uah
Anesthesia 1150 uah
Suturing 1100 uah
Removal of stitches 800 uah
Open sinus lift 34 990 uah

Dental implants cost in Kyiv

Current implantation permits you to return lost teeth and refresh chewing function. Many people erroneously believe that on new teeth and implants price are too high.  However, dentistry more available nowadays than assumed. Earlier in the teeth implants values were very high, but now each patient can return healthy and beautiful smile in our clinic Implant Studio. Get to learn how much it costs to put implants in our center and make sure in this yourself.

What services we provide to our customers?

Center Implant Studio specializes in dental implantation and significantly differs from the majority of other clinic.  That goes by many factors, such as doctor`s professionalism, implementation in practice of progressive medical technology, available to dental implants prices and others.

For effective decision dental problems of our patients we use more than 10-year experience of our implantologist. Our doctors not only treat patients, but also publishes scientific papers, develop and introduce new therapeutic methods, which increase the qualification at the international conferences and workshops.

Doctors Implant Dental Studio set titanium dental construction exclusively from proven Ukrainian, Swiss, Israeli manufacturers with a lifelong warranty on implants.  Percentage of retention of constructions reaches 98.5%.  In addition, that dental implants cost in our clinic is accessible on many levels.

Our proposals and prices for implants.

Prices on dental implants in Implant Studio accessible to a wide range of patients.  We make maximum effort to return you a healthy and beautiful smile. That`s why the price of dental implants in our clinic - one of the lowest in Kiev.

We comprehend that not every patient can at once pay for new teeth because on implants price doesn`t always allow to do it.  Thus, we divide the payment into two parts.  First, you need to put implants, the price of which differs depending on the elected manufacturer. Payment is made by surgery and preparatory stages. After that is healing that takes from three to six months. Only after that should cover the installation expenses of dentures.

Sign up for a consultation at Implant Studio, and  we'll tell you in detail how much do dental implants costs, which dental system is better to use in your individual case, how occurs payment of dental services throughout the entire period of implantation.

Vitaplant (Ukraine)

Vitaplant – implants of Ukrainian production. Company operates on the marketplace for over 18 years and successfully combines European quality and Ukrainian prices on implants.


Vitaplant installations have proven themselves in single-step and two-step implantation.  Despite on the fact that the prices for implants of the Ukrainian manufacture are moderate, Vitaplant own high quality characteristics:

 • fast engraftment in the bone;

 • high biological reconcilability;

  persistence to loads.

The value of Vitaplant allows you to include the installation in the budget price category.  If you are looking for our dentistry, the price for implants in the Implant Studio clinic begins from 3,725 UAH. The price includes a lifelong warranty from the manufacturer. We offer one of the lowest prices for dental implants in Kiev.

SGS Dental Systems (Switzerland)

For more than 15 years, the Swiss company SGS Dental Systems has specialized in the production of premium dental systems. The implants are certified accordingly to standards ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 13485: 2003, and also are approved for usage in Europe and the US.    For such quality for dental implants, the company sets the corresponding prices.

What is the reason for the higher price of SGS Dental Systems dental implants?  The company's products differ from the number other implant systems due to a number of advantages:

• 4 and 5 class of titanium provides fast and reliable bone engraftment;

 the one and only SVTS covering guarantees full biocompatibility;

 the wide distance of the implant coil gives the structure a high primary stability;

 implants take root in 99% of cases.

 Undoubtedly, no everyone is ready to put implants, the value of which is higher than in the average marketplace.  Our clinic will help you reduce the cost of dental services. We suggest shares for SGS Dental Systems implants.  Do you want to know how much it costs to put implants with a lifelong warranty from a Swiss manufacturer? The price of one implant in Implant Studio is 9035 UAH.

Israel Bio Tech (Israel)

The Israeli company Israel Bio Tech develops and manufactures modern dental systems to improve the quality characteristics of products, the manufacturer pays special attention to the choice of materials and production methods. In this regard trying to keep the price of dental implants at an accessible level.

Israel Bio Tech systems are certified on standard ISO 13485: 2003 and time-proven in clinics in Ukraine, Israel and around the world.  Implants are characterized by:

• plain and fast insertion into bone tissue;

• narrow period of adaptation of installation which are provided by a unique cellular surface of products

high survival rate at 98.5%.

Hence, it is not surprising that many patients are interested in how much dental implants IVT cost in Kyiv.

 Israel Bio Tech is the best choice for both the patient and the implantologist.  You will receive dental implants, the value of which is much lower than the reliability and life longer of the installed structures. The dentist, for his part, will work with quality material and will be able to achieve excellent results.

The products are recognized in many countries not only due to their decent quality, but also because the price of dental implants IVT stays at a democratic level. The value of an IVT implant is 4,740 UAH. Our dentistry sets lower prices for implants than other clinics in Kyiv, what it shows not only by the price, however also by the feedback of our patients.

Benefits of Implant Studio

Our implantologists are ready to solve your problem of missing one or more teeth.  We will give you back the opportunity to eat your favorite food without discomfort and smile without shame.  Why is Implant Studio your best choice for creating a integral and aesthetic tooth alignment?  Our privileges tell their own story:

Perennial experience. The doors of our clinic have been open to patients for over 15 years.  Our doctors have installed more than 5,000 dental constrictions and know what the current price for dental implants is topical on the marketplace.

 • Competent doctors.  We are proud of Implant Studio implantologists, who have scientific degrees and more than ten years of clinical experience.

 • Present technology.  In our work, we use SGS and IBT technologies certified in Israel and Switzerland.  Meanwhile we manage to keep implants for prosthetic teeth at a low price level.

 • Quality service. Decent conditions, calm atmosphere, friendly staff and democratic prices for dental implants will make your treatment in the walls of Implant Studio comfortable and affordable.

 Democratic prices for dental implants.  The cost of dental structures in our clinic is 15-20% lower than in other metropolitan medical centers.  We offer prices for dentures and implants in the low, medium and premium segments.

• Warranty.  In spite of the fact that the price for new dental implants in Implant Studio stays affordable, we provide a lifelong warranty from the manufacturers of dental structures.

Phoning us and come for a consultation at a time comfy for you. Our doctors will tell you how much it costs to put implants, as is also explain all the stages of refreshing the integrity of your teeth.



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