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VITAPLANT implant (Ukraine)

Installation of the Ukrainian implant Vitaplant

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Alpha - Bio Tec implant (Israel)

Installation of the Israeli implant Alpha-Bio Tec

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SGS implant (Switzerland)

Premium SGS implant placement

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In - Kone implant (France)

In-Kone Premium Implant Placement

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Dental implantation in Kyiv

Problems with teeth make you discomfort. Badly chewed food causes problems with digestive tract. Extraction of a tooth produces an increased load during chewing on the other side of the mouth. Aesthetic issues with anterior teeth interfere with full life. Thus, many people ask the question: what are dental implants and do they suit me?

What is dental implants?

Dentures are one of the most effective and enduring method of treatment. Implants artificially created root-like dental cores, which implanted in the jaw and inure as a fastening for dentures. Dental cores must sustain heavy loads, so that it`s made of titanium or a fusion which contain titanium. This metal is as alike in characteristics to osseous tissue with rust-resistant and attrition-resistant. Titanium cores and plates are used not only in dental medicine however also in the surgeon, so far as they are well resilient and can serve about 20 years.

Dental cores united to pivot tooth with the help of a round adapter called an abutment.

Method of connecting can be screw or cement. Requirements for pivot tooth are no less high than for dental cores.  They must be robust and do not split during the eating solid food. Crown of a tooth are made of ceramets and zirconia.  In the capacity of temporal crowns on the cores can be used metalloplastic.

In which way are dental implants made?

Implant Studio stick the international minutes of implantology, we select a treatment plan individually for each patient. Dentists advise placing implants until after dental examination and assessing of difficulty condition of the gums.  In case of tooth decay, the first what dentist do that prescribes treatment to prevent the process of tooth destruction, as well as moving away dental tophus.  Standard procedure of installation of the dental implant:

• analysis of a panoramic exposure of the computer tomography (CT) to make a treatment plan;

• implantation under topical anesthesia. Closing the tooth socket with stitches to prevent getting scraps of food;

• removal of sutures;

• formation of gums under the denture

• taking prints;

• dental crown installation.

Depending on whether the chosen prosthetic manner, the stages of this method may change. Each step is planned and controlled by doctor, that`s why the speed of incarnation in each person is particular.

Dental implants, the matter of implantation

Not knowing what implants are can occasion fear of going to the implantologist. Contemporary anesthesia permits you without serious consequences set dental implants that will in use all your existence.  The main advantage of such a prosthesis is a full value replacement of an inartificial tooth. There can be several variants of implants, which picked up depending on whether the type of tooth bone, method of installation and conjuction. Accurately handpicked implant increases the chances of dental cores retention.

How long does it need to fix implants?

Procedures of implant installation take from 3 months to half-year, depending upon the organism response to odontic implantation. Sutures after installation of a core, it removes every other week.  Then over a period of three months aren`t performed any procedures to allow the implant to take root.  The healing period of the upper jaw is at least 6 months, as is also the lower jaw - from 3 months.  Then settled the gum shaper.

Why are dental implants preferably? How does it differ from bridge prosthetic appliance?

To choose the corresponding method of dental prosthetics, with an allowance for  individual characteristics of the organism, it is necessary to take implantologist`s opinion to clearly understand what dental implants are and how they differ from bridge dentures. The key advantage of implants are that under the implantation adjacent tooth aren`t injured. Throughout implant installation bone tissue isn`t preserved.

Dental implants can be installed people in age 17-70 years. Elderly people need more careful medical supervision by doctor to prevent inflammation of the tissue.  There are no restraints on amount of installed implants; perhaps to completely change the tooth alignment.  Dentures replace any offending tooth that resolves the aesthetic problem of the anterior teeth in the zone of smile.  With the help of implants, teeth will look natural.  The doctor picks the tinted crowns base so that there are no variances.  Care doesn`t require special procedures, it is enough the ordinary brushing of teeth and preventive dental inspections.  Despite its great request, the bridge prosthesis is inferior to dental implants due to the need to turn adjacent teeth for fortification. Increased load on abutment teeth leads to their destruction with time.  There are also difficulties in care.

What is the difference between dental implants from different producers?

In our work, we use prostheses from leading manufacturers, which have passed ISO certification and recognized by world polyclinics.

Implant Studio make use of three dental implant systems:

• Israel Bio Tech – implants from Israeli production. They differ in prompt installation and improvement covering of a fusion of titanium.  Provide a reliable fixation and a high survival rate at 98.3%;

•  Implants from Swiss manufacturer SGS belong to the premium segment. They show the highest rate of survival rate of 98.5%.  Innovative SBTC covering provides maximum bioconformability and facilitates rapid healing of wounds;

• Implants from Ukrainian production Vitaplant become a nice alternative to overseas.  They made of titanium fusion without vanadium and niobium, which produce toxins.  The percentage survival rate of implants in the upper jaw - 98.3% and at the lower - 97.4%.

•  The selection of manufacturers is determined by each occasion.  To minimize the risk of rejection in Implant Studio follow some testimonies for installation and individually picked up materials.

• Values for some implants

For some patients governing factors of dental implants choice may become the price of materials.  For all dental implants, despite of the manufacturer, it can be valid guarantee.

Prices for implants

For some patients, the most important factor in choosing dental implants may be the variety of materials. On all dental implants, independently from the virobnik, there is a guarantee.

Brand name Country Brand name
Vitaplant Ukraine 3550 грн
IBT Israel 4740 грн
SGS Switzerland 8775 грн

The residual value depends on the complexity of treatment and choosed dental crowns.  In clinic regularly, conduct shares that make installation procedure implants more lucrative.  Honesty - the tenet of our work.  The value includes all procedures and materials.  In Implant Studio, we guarantee clear prices, which voiced at first and will not spring a mine on you at the end of treatment.

Assurance from Implant Studio

All about implants of the teeth, you can recognize in the consultation.  Specialists tell you about possible options implantation and help determine the choice of implant and crown and also they can talk about the special features of the procedure.

Awe that the organism will reject the implant, in some cases it may be reasonable.  All risks and contra-indications in advance make a reservation and be taken into consideration. In healthful people, due to modern materials and technologies take root 98 of 100 prostheses.  Implants, which use Implant studio in work, manufacturers provide life-time warranty. In case of damage, they will be replaced at the company expense.  We in turn  shorten in best treatment option for each patient. Starting from the degree of gravity, the particular qualities of oral mucosa and condition of teeth is the method of prosthetics.

Our specialists improve their qualifications attending conferences and seminars.  We guarantee all procedures in accordance with international minutes.  All surgical procedures are conducted in equipped operating rooms, under the conditions of complete infertility.  An comprehensive approach to establishment of dental implants guarantees gaunt service of prostheses. With Implant Studio your smile will be unimprovable.

Distinguishing characteristic of our dental clinic “Implant Studio” is specialization on dental implantation. It is the most modern prudent type of prosthetics, wherein doesn`t damaged sound teeth that`s an excellent alternative removable denture that will never fell out from oral region for example during laugh, sneezing or consuming food. People who come to our dental clinic and changed removable dentures on artificial limb which fix on implants,so they literally glowing from happiness and gladness. They finally they will normally smile, bite an apple or carrot and ordinary chew food without consuming deficiency processed food, then so that causing different disease begin from gastritis and complete gastric ulcers and this has been proven by scientists.


Our slogan: “We make removable prosthesis as temporary to renovate chewing function and aesthetics for the period osteointegration implants and it`s about three- six months.  After which conduct the final prosthesis using zirconia and ceramics. Percentage osteointegration (replantation) implants in our dental clinic sufficiently high - 98.5% which corresponds international standards.  The range of our patients isn`t restricted only to Ukraine.  There come to us medical tourists from the US, France, Israel, Russia, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

Dental implants

Dental Clinic “Implant Studio” offers set out on-key dental implants in Kiev. It`s convenient decision for anyone who interested in a safe and efficient solution of this question of dental implantology. The procedure refers to refresh teeth smile and carried out in several stages.  Artificial implant integrating surgical method in bone tissue instead of the lost tooth root and is used to fix with denture.  The result is a natural look, as close to natural and full recovery functionality. Installation time and price for implantation in Kiev relies upon the choice of dental implants.

Our proposals:

  • Vitaplant (Ukraine);
  • SGS Dental Systems (Switzerland);
  • Israel Bio Tech (Israel).

Total absence of teeth

Dental implantation is a modern complex and time-consuming process.

Complete absence of teeth

Removable plates, which have the form of cambered framework, even under optimal anatomical conditions, it can`t be considered as an option full replacement of natural set of teeth.  The fundamental problem – deficiently firm fixation and adherence, the necessity of special care, the inevitable atrophy of bone tissue.  Dental implants in case of edentulous jaw exclude such problems.  This is the best alternative removable dentures.

Finite defects of teeth

Tooth alignment with different causes shortened on one or both sides.  Patients encounter sagging cheeks, appearing mimic wrinkles and other problems.  Installation implants decide question of the replacement of lost teeth.

The absence of one or more teeth

It is not only an aesthetic problem.  Often this speech disorders, some difficulties at chewing, bone or jaw damage. After dental implantation patients returned to normal life.

The cost of installation implants in Kiev

Expenses on dental implantation usually consist of two parts. Initially paid first stage - surgical.  After healing of orthopedic implants paid second stage.  On the lower jaw implants, osteointegrating (replanted) for at least 3 months, on upper jaw - 6 months.  The amount of work and the nature of the treatment depends on the individual situation of the patient's health. It needs a partial or full replacement of all teeth on implants in Kiev.  Sigh up for a consultation to a dental clinic “Implant Studio" to receive information which system is better and how long time should you in your case to insert the teeth, how much it costs implants in Kiev and other issues.  We will be glad to help!

Vitaplant имплантаты зубов

Reliable and affordable dental implants system. One of the first Ukrainian dental implants systems. Over than 18 years on the marketplace.  VITAPLANT's wide range of implants fully coats all the requirements and assignments of dental implantation.

The VITAPLANT system has two-step and one-step implants with an implant / abutment conjunction and an interior hexahedron and “Morse Taper”.

IBT имплантаты зубов

Company IBT offers implantologist high quality and reliable dental implants. They apply some significant force in development of innovative solutions in the range of dental implantology.

Company IBT determines main needs modern dental implantology and creates innovative solutions due to collaboration with highly skilled implantologist.

The system is certified over standard ISO 13485: 2003 which includes the requirements of standart ISO 9001-2008.

SGS Dental имплантаты зубов

SGS (Switzerland)

Company SGS dental system established in the principality of Liechtenstein.

From 2007 year the company SGS offers a wide range of dental implants using innovative technologies. SGS implants have competitive price-wise and premium quality layer.  SGS implants can solve a broad spectrum of clinical problems.

Implant manufacture located in Hungary.

Handling is conducted in most up-to-date laboratories in the world in Germany.

Special covering SBTC (Smart Bioactive Trabecular Coating) provides early osteointegration and full biocompatibility.

Dental implants SGS made of titanium Grade 5.

Certified implants according to standard ISO 9001: 2000

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