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  The clinic Implant Studio provides all types of dental care and locates within walking distance from the Livoberezhna metro station. Doctors of our clinic have completed postgraduate studies in internship training and magistracy; have the degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences and the title of Associate Professor, and the highest category in surgical dentistry.  They are permanently improving their professional level at seminars on different topics, which are dedicated to new dentistry.  They have many certificates and are permanent members of the club of implantologists since 2002.  In our work we use new methods and the most up-to-date materials.  All manipulations, according to the indications, are carried out under anesthesia, anesthetics of leading foreign companies.

 Operations are performed in a pure operating room in observation with all the rules of asepsis and antiseptics.

 Doctors - surgeons of our clinic also perform various surgery to outpatients in the oral cavity.  Extraction of teeth and roots, typical and atypical, periodontal bones, granulomas, sinus - lifting operations and others, and complete preoperative preparation.  For accurate diagnosis of diseases of the dental and jaw system in our clinic has an X-ray machine made in Finland (Planmeca ProOne).

 If you visit our site and read this formation, you may choose our clinic Implant Studio and be satisfied, such those thousands of our patients who checked our craftsmanship on themselves and left us with their starry smiles and words of sincere thanks for the done job.  We ask out you to a free consultation in our clinic, which corresponds all European standards.  We will not disappoint you.

 The staff of the clinic "Implant Studio"

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Kiev city

street Combinatna, 25

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